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Hello there! Welcome to my webpage, this is a small project I´m working at as part of my quarantine goals in coding, but if you like travelling you might find this quite interesting and hopefully enjoyable.

My name is Brenda, and my first long period experience away from home was when I was 17 years old and lived for a whole year in the beautiful asian island of Taiwan, 9 years have gone by, but the memories will always stick, and that wanderlust effect never went away. I think that´s partly the reason why ever since I feel like travelling is part of my self care routine every once in a while, so in this website I´ve collected pictures and fun facts of some of my best travelling experiences, hopefully you´ll have as much fun reading it as I had creating the content.

Living in Taiwan and what I miss the Most


Santorini´s Best


Since this is only the project for coding, I haven´t worked on more content, nor is it complete, but let me know if you would like to see some more:

You can either contact me through the website or write me a DM in my instagram: Insta

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